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From the country that invented rock n' roll" claimed the advertisements for this Quebec, Canada-built sport coupe when it was redesigned in 1993. A small technicality, we suppose, but there are no technicalities when it comes to the Camaro's performance abilities, particularly in Z28 or SS guise. These Camaros are blazingly quick, hold the road tenaciously, cost less than the average price of a new car in this country and get decent gas mileage when they're not being hammered along a twisty, two-lane road.
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Last redesigned in 2000, the current-generation Camero rides on a modern chassis that has all the strength of previous models while providing a more comfortable ride and improved overall performance. A lineup of three Vortec V8 engines is available depending on your needs, and a laundry list of interior options allows you to add as much or as little luxury as you might want. Modern advancements like a stability control system make the Camero safer than ever before. Although there are a few capable competitors out there, the Camero remains the most popular vehicle for those looking for maximum passenger capacity in a comfortable, easy-to-drive package.


Rumors are still flying that GM is set to kill the Camaro, and since no product is scheduled for the Canadian Camaro plant after 2002, those rumors are likely true. Steadily declining sales are to blame, and the company is eager to slice non-performing models from the lineup. So if you want a tire-shredding sports coupe that won't leave you with an perpetually empty wallet, better snag a Camaro soon before this legend gets put to pasture.

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