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CamaroAlways wanted your own Chevy Camaro? Us too. One of the best places to find this classic auto, is through Ebay. It is simple to shop ebay and this trusted source is a great place to shop. You will find copy and images of the Chevrolet Camaro in the seller descriptions. Browse the listings here or click through to find more detailed descriptions and larger images.

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The original engineering of the Camaro was a unibody structure from the windshield & firewall back, with a separate steel rail subframe for everything up front. Double A arms made up the independent front suspension while the solid rear axle was suspended by semi elliptical leaf springs. As was typical of standard equipped vehicles at the time, braking was by 4 drums, the steering was slow and manual, and Chevy's rugged 230-cubic-inch straight six poked out an optimistically rated 140 horsepower while twisting a three-speed manual transmission.

The base price of $2,500 for the 1967 Camaro sport coupe was lean & aggressive, as was the convertible. Adding substance to the appearance was done either by picking or combining individual options or trim packages called RS & SS.

Buyers could opt for a larger 250" version of the 6 making 155 horsepower, a 210-horsepower 327-cubic-inch small block V8 fed by a two barrel carb, that same V8 with a four-barrel carb and a higher compression ratio was rated at 275 horsepower, or two versions of the 396-cubic-inch big-block V8 making either 325 or 375 horsepower. Those engines could be lashed to a series of wide- or short-ratio three- or four-speed manual transmissions, or one of two automatics: the slushy two-speed Powerglide or outstanding three-speed Turbobydramatic.