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Chevrolet avalanche Chevy Avalanche
Introduced in 2002, the Avalanche replaces the rear cargo area with an open pickup bed. Its slick design is a real head turner. With great reviews from the national magazines, you will want to drive this General Motors craze. For a low cost quote from a Chevrolet Dealer, fill out our no-obligation form below.

The 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche is available as a 1/2 ton model in either 2WD or 4WD, or as a 3/4 ton 4WD model. Both 1/2 ton models are equipped with a 5.3L Vortec V-8 engine, while the 3/4 ton receives an 8.1L 320 hp V-8. The Avalanche's key feature is a foldable midgate between the cargo box and the cab, which allows the cargo box to be extended. Several option packages are available, including the ZR1 Off-Road Package with upgraded suspension, on/off-road tires, skid plates, and a locking differential. A new body hardware delete package is available this year on 1/2 ton models that removes the charcoal bodyside molding usually surrounding the lower portions of the Avalanche. New exterior color options have also been added.

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Avalanche comes as a half-ton 1500 model with a 5.3-liter V8 and as a heavy-duty 2500 with an 8.1-liter V8. Each offers rear-wheel drive with optional traction control or GM's Autotrac 4WD that can be left engaged on dry pavement and includes low-range gearing. All models have automatic transmission, antilock 4-wheel disc brakes, and standard seating for six; front side airbags and OnStar assistance are optional. Other options include heated front bucket seats, leather upholstery, and a sunroof. Also optional are power-adjustable pedals, satellite radio, and rear-seat DVD entertainment. Available on 2WD 1500s is the Z66 Premium On-Road package that includes a sport suspension with rear self-leveling, and for '04, GM's Stabilitrak antiskid control, which is designed to counteract sideways skids in turns. Cadillac's Escalade EXT is a luxury Avalanche with different styling, more power, and standard all-wheel drive.





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Chevrolet Avalanche

Chevrolet Avalanche Interior

In addition to looking like nothing else on the road, the heart of both the Chevrolet Avalanche and Escalade EXT is the industry-first "Midgate" system, which allows the trucks to be reconfigured in less than one minute - without tools -- from 5- or 6-seat full-size sport utilities with a 5'3" lockable cargo box to a 2-or 3-seat pickup with an 8'1" box.

"There are two things that make the Chevrolet Avalanche stand out from the competition, " says Ed Schoener, Avalanche brand manger. "The freedom and flexibility provided for passengers and cargo, and the spedd at which owners can reconfigure the vehicle to meet their needs. Chevrolet Avalanche takes some of the finest attributes of the Chevy Suburban, including its power and suspension geometry, and adds the sprit of innovation and expressive new design."

Another innovative, functional feature of the Chevrolet Avalanche is the three-piece cargo cover. Each section is made from the same aluminum honeycomb design as that found in the floors of commercial jets; they weigh just 30 pounds apiece, yet can hold a 200-pound person without bending or sagging. Polystyrene fills the voids, adding strength and a certain amount of insulation.

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