chevrolet dealership rocks

Todd Turner
Owner / Sales
Gunter, Tx

Price Ranges:
$18,000 - $45,000
Our average invoice is $21,000

Increase foot traffic. Last two jobs increased trucks sale significant % and dramatically increased foot traffic.

People pull over just to look. Advertise with a light display and market while you sleep.


1 Car
2 Car
3 Car
4 Car
Customized Logo
Customized Structure

Rocks for Car Dealerships
automotive display rocks faux

Past projects have included companies and projects such as: Hummer, Chevrolet, Porsche, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, golf courses, residential waterfalls and other unique one of kind projects.

The owner of "M.A.N.G.O." has a set design and construction background working with prominent companies such as Universal and Paramount Studios and other theme parks. He has been involved building and designing themes parks and variety commercial projects.

We have the ability to:

  • Create and construct a display to your requirements and specifications
  • Incorporate design elements with your display: logos, water falls, spot lights, landscaping, zoo animals, etc.
  • Match existing color pallet and schemes
  • Geographic and industry exclusivity available
  • Product is Virtually indestructible, samples available upon request, works with a variety of materials
  • Hard copy of presentation available upon request
  • Build off site many of the structures, this saves down time for exhibits.

We also alter and repair a lot of existing structures, this save money as well give the project a new look or a face lift.


Auto Dealership Testimonials

"We sold 203 trucks in one month thanks to our ROCK DISPLAY! We became so identified with it that we modified our logo to include the rock image, and it is featured in ads and on promotional items like shirts and hats. The eye catching design fits the carmaker's Tough Image"
-Steve Francis, GM -Apopka, FL

"After construction of our rock display, we had our best month ever!!"
-Phil Schaefer, Sales Mgr.

"The Rock Is Absolutely Awesome, Disney Quality"
-Bill Goodwin, COO

"It Looks Incredibly Realistic"
-Dennis Hood, Sales Mgr. Michael Holley Chevrolet, FL

Built to hold up to the toughest conditions, these Rock Mountain vehicle displays will without a doubt draw traffic to your dealership! What better way is there to display your #1 selling Trucks and SUV's then on top of an incredibly realistic Rock Mountain.