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Chevy Engines for Sale

Chevy Engine Factory turn key engines use only the finest brand name parts available. Our motors are hand assembled and tested by certified technicians. Call for customer testimonials.

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350 Engines Stock to 430 Horse Power
Stroker Small Block Engines 350 To Over 500 Horse Power
Big Blocks 425 To 780 Horse Power

Before you consider purchasing an engine "anywhere" onlie or a local store, consider this: The Chevy Engine Factory has been building and manufacturing turn key engines for over 35 years. We live run, hot test, and document all our engines.

Power Level 1 Engines
Engine Type Base Engine Turn Key Assembly
350 Chevy / Stock HP
350 Chevy / 330 HP
350 Chevy / 350 HP
350 Chevy / 375 HP
350 Chevy / 400 HP
Power Level 2 Engines

Engine Type Base Engine Turn Key Assembly
350 Chevy / 430 HP
350 Chevy / 445 HP
Chevy Stroker / 450 HP
Chevy Stroker / 460 HP
Chevy Stroker / 475 HP
Chevy Stroker / 500 HP
400 Pontiac / 420 HP
467 Pontiac / 550 HP

Power Level 2 Big Block Engines

Engine Type Base Engine Turn Key Assembly
454 Chevy / 325 HP
454 Chevy / 430 HP
454 Chevy / 450 HP
502 Chevy / 345 HP
502 Chevy / 455 HP
502 Chevy / 510 HP
540 Chevy / 640 HP
540 Chevy / 675 HP
572 Chevy / 750 HP